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The Management Remark

“Thank you for visiting web site of Daehan Heavy Industry co. Ltd.”

We manurfacture the highest quality product with full confidence that "One-time customers will become all-time royalty customers".
Our products are designed to be reliable, durable and easy to service reflecting our engineering know-how and extensive experiences in the field application. The high level of customer focused services will ensure the efficient operation at a lower cost with little maintenance requirement.
We will always be ready to serve your needs at any time you request.
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2000 2017 • New Factory Movement
2015 • Expert Promising Small & Medium Enterprise
2014 • INNO-BIZ Certificated
2013 • Patent Certificated
2012 • R&D Center Open
2011 • Venture Company Certificatied
2009 • CE Mark obtained.
2007 • Moved to the current Headquarter (Daedeok Techno Valley).
2007 • ISO 9001& ISO 14001 certified
2006 • Product Liability Insurance insured.
2006 • Established new development team for various excavator attachments.
2004 • Designated as excellent enterprise
2003 • Special Vehicle Assembly Division established
2000 • Attachments manufacturing started ( Grapples, Ripper & Lifting Fork)
1900 1998 • Nominated as excellent manufacturer of Coupler by the Korea Construction Equipment Safety Institute.
1997 • Produced Quick Coupler for Excavator
1997 • Organize as Daehan Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.